Crispy fish and onion rings

Our savory recipes stem from terrific beer. Talk about great inspirations...

Beer-battered cod and onion rings
Photo: Annabelle Breakey

Beer-battered cod and onion rings

Lime-chile beer

Rib-eyes with beer-onion relish

Beer rye bread

Belgians truly venerate their beer, which is appropriate since some of Belgium's oldest beermaking traditions began in monasteries. The monks picked fruits and herbs from their gardens and used them ― along with hops, barley, water, and different strains of yeasts ― to produce hearty, rich ales with a huge range of flavors.

Even now, Belgian beers are synonymous with creativity. At New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins, Colorado, that philosophy continues to inspire every beer made. A tour of the brewery begins at a display of beer ingredients: hops, barley, wheat. All the usual suspects. But then there's kaffir-lime leaves and orange peel. And the barley and orange peel are laid out in the shape of a peace sign.


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