How to set up a serve-yourself burrito bar

Photo: Thomas J. Story

Mexican Slaw

1. Squeeze 3 tablespoons juice from limes into a large bowl. Add vegetable oil and mix.

2. Rinse cabbage, radishes, and cilantro. Finely shred enough cabbage to make 3 quarts. Thinly slice radishes to make about 1 cup. Chop enough cilantro to make about 1/2 cup. Add cabbage, radishes, and cilantro to dressing. Mix gently. Add salt and pepper to taste. Makes 10 servings.

Per serving: 60 cal., 65% (39 cal.) from fat; 1.2 g protein; 4.3 g fat (0.5 g sat.); 5.4 g carbo (2.4 g fiber); 19 mg sodium; 0 mg chol.

Pineapple Sundaes

Notes: Scoop balls of ice cream onto a baking sheet and freeze for easy serving. Cut pineapple into bite-size chunks. Put pineapple, caramel sauce, coconut, and ice cream balls into bowls (see notes). Makes about 10 servings.

Per serving: 503 cal., 32% (162 cal.) from fat; 6.2 g protein; 18 g fat (12 g sat.); 85 g carbo (2.3 g fiber); 304 mg sodium; 58 mg chol.

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