In case you think you recycle a lot, meet someone whose daily practices will put you in the shame corner. Bea Johnson throws almost nothing away. In the window of a year, her family (that's 2 kids, 1 husband, 1 small dog) don't even fill a garbage can once. They only produce about 2 handfuls of trash IN ONE YEAR. As one might imagine, the means by which they do this is extreme.

The Sunset Magazine story is here.I was surprised when I reported the story how modern their Northern California home is. A hemp-color does not dominate and the kids don't look like they're dressed in what use to be the curtains. In addition to absolutely nothing purchased with packaging, it's a minimalist space: no excess in the cupboards, the closets, the garage.

But her house isn't just a blank white slate. The latest addition: a mural (pictured in slideshow). Made from what was available in paint store discards. Of course.

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