Stylish prints from fall leaves

Turn your favorite autumn foliage into contemporary art for your wall. Get our simple step-by-step

Leaf prints project

Leaf prints of oak sycamore and smoke tree (from top).

Photo by Rob D. Brodman; design by Sheila Schmitz

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A single leaf contains a world of beauty. Bring a bit of nature's magic indoors with this simple project: Just gather a few of your favorite leaves on your next walk, flatten them under a book, then copy them face down with a color photocopier.

The resulting print, once glued to a canvas-covered art board (about $2), highlights a leaf's startling details, from its watercolor hues and treelike form to its intricate veins and delicate stem.

Look for unblemished specimens with beautiful shapes or variegated colors; we love the foliage of oak, sycamore, and smoke tree (pictured above, from top), as well as Japanese maple, Chinese pistache, and ginkgo.

Hang one perfect print for solo drama, or display several in a row. Plan on spending about $15 for the first project and roughly $5 apiece after that.


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