Ring of roses

Easy & elegant wreaths

Magnolia leaves and rose-toned flowers give this wreath the look of a summer flower garden. (Camellia or citrus leaves are good long-lasting substitutes.) Small bouquets, each with a cluster of leaves and a few sprigs of dried flowers, are wired to a moss-covered grapevine wreath base; dried seed pods of poppies add accents.

TIME: About 90 minutes

COST: About $30


• Sphagnum moss;
• 24-inch grapevine, twig, or wire wreath base;
• Spool of coated 22- or 24- gauge florist's wire;
• Wire cutters;
• Clusters of magnolia leaves (enough to cover the wreath) and flowering branches of tea tree (Leptospermum), or greenery of your choice;
• 12 dried rosebuds;
• One bunch German statice, dried seed pods of poppies, or other dried flowers (from a craft store); 


1. Moisten the sphagnum moss to the consistency of a damp sponge, then pack it around the front and sides of the wreath base. Wrap the free end of the wire once around the top of the wreath base; tie it off, leaving about 6 inches on the end free.

2. Make a bouquet using a single cluster of magnolia leaves, plus a couple of roses and several sprigs of tea tree and statice, or substitutes. Pack a bit of sphagnum moss around the stems. Wind wire several times around the bouquet stems, then lash the bouquet to the base with a continuous strand of wire, pulling tightly.

3. Repeat, adding bouquets around the base. Tie off the florist's wire and cut off excess. 

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