Pumpkin house numbers

Rob D. Brodman
Let trick-or-treaters know you're home with glowing jack-o'-lanterns that do double-duty

• Select one pumpkin per house number and cut a hole in the top of each.

• Clean them out, saving the tops, and wipe exteriors dry.

• Center paper stencil number (ours was 5 inches tall) on the first pumpkin and adhere with painter's tape.

• With a marker, trace the stencil outline, then carefully carve just outside the line with a small handsaw or heavy-duty craft knife.

• Repeat for each number.

• Arrange a few tea lights inside each pumpkin, then line up or stack in proper order.

• Replace top on the highest pumpkin.

• Illuminate tea lights using a long-handled lighter through the holes.

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