DIY painted linen napkins

Coral von Zumwalt
Use bright patterns as inspiration for easy DIY gifts


  • Linen or cotton napkins
  • Small thin-tip paintbrushes
  • Neon fabric paint (such as Scribbles)
  • Alphabet rubber-stamp set
  • Ruler
  • Pencils with flat (new) eraser tips


  1. Use a paintbrush to apply an even layer of paint to a stamp’s rubber initial.
  2. Stamp in the corner of the napkin. Repeat for second initial, using a ruler to line up initials.
  3. Apply paint to a pencil eraser. Stamp eraser around the napkin edge, creating dots an inch apart. Reapply paint for each dot.
  4. You can add small dots by dipping the end of a paintbrush handle into the paint. Stamp it between larger dots.

Project by Claire Vivier, designer of stylish handbags, some of which have appeared in fashion mags like Vogue. Visit her Silver Lake store.

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