Modern Advent

An easy-to-assemble Advent calendar filled with candy makes the days before Christmas sweeter

Waiting for Christmas morning can be excruciating for kids ― and kids at heart. But an easy-to-assemble Advent calendar filled with candy makes the passing days sweeter.

1 Buy a magnetic board like this 15-inch-diameter chartreuse number we picked up at the Container Store (

2 Print out the numbers 1 through 25 from your computer, and use a 1-inch-diameter hole-punch to cut them out. Glue the numbers inside the clear tops of small metal tins, available at Paper Source (

3 Use decorative stamps to create 25 small designs, punch them out with the hole-punch, and glue them to the bottom of the containers.

4 Put small candies in the tins, place the containers on the board, and start marking the days. ― Mary Jo Bowling

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