Make your own menorah

Leo Gong
Create a glowing table with small hurricanes, candles, and ribbon


  • 9 small glass hurricanes
  • 9 small pillar candles (thinner and shorter than hurricanes) 
  • 5 yards of 2-inch ribbon (1 yard each of tones varying from white/silver to deep blue) 
  • Small glue dots (or double-sided tape)


  1. Measure the circumference of the hurricane (ours are about 12 inches).
  2. Cut 9 strips of ribbon the length of the circumference of your hurricanes - two each of the four lighter shades and one of the darkest blue.
  3. Using glue dots, (or double sided tape) on the ribbon ends, secure each to the exterior of hurricanes so ends meet.
  4. Arrange adorned hurricanes on table runner so the lightest two (white/silver) are on either end, and the ribbon gradient transitions to the bluest at center.
  5. Elevate the middle hurricane with a glass candleplate. (This center piece of the menorah is called the Shamash and traditionally stands taller than the others.)
  6. Place candles inside hurricanes and light just before guests arrive.


Taylor hurricanes, mini pillar candles, and round candleholders from Crate and Barrel (candles from $1.25, hurricanes and candleplate from $5.95; 800/967-6696); ribbons from the Ribbonerie (from $2.50 per yard; 415/626-6184).

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