DIY leather placemats & coasters

Coral von Zumwalt
Make your own placemats and coasters--leather is surprisingly easy to work with


  • Half-hide of raw, undyed upholstery leather (; you’ll need 7 sq. ft. for 4 placemats and 4 coasters
  • Metal right-angle ruler
  • Utility knife
  • Pencil
  • Neon leather paint (such as Angelus)
  • Flat-tip paintbrushes


  1. On a safe surface, using the ruler as a guide, cut leather into four 12- by 15-in. placemats.
  2. Create a 1-in. border around each placemat by roughing in a striped pattern with light pencil marks.
  3. Paint the border in contrasting colors. Let dry and apply another coat if needed.
  4. From leather scraps, cut four 31/2- by 31/2-in. coasters. Repeat painting process within a 1/4-in. border.


Project by Heather Taylorm who is co-owner of art gallery Taylor De Cordoba and has just launched a linen line, Heather Taylor Home, inspired by her travels.

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