Weekend project: Paint a floor canvas

Use a projector to capture classic decorative designs, then turn them into a floor mat that pops

Fold under edges of the canvas
E. Spencer Toy; James Carrier

Step 8

8. To finish the edges of the canvas, fold under 1 inch on all sides. For a mitered edge, use scissors to cut a triangle out of each corner. Use fabric glue to secure the folds.


  • Used bookstores are a great place to hunt for inexpensive books containing decorative patterns.
  • If you are tracing your pattern onto a dark color, use a white pencil.
  • If your canvas starts to warp or wrinkle, roll it firmly around a gift-wrap tube and leave it for several hours.
  • To give the floor coverings added durability, apply at least three coats of varnish.
  • When finishing the edges of the canvas, use books as weights to keep edges folded under while the fabric glue dries.
  • Put a thin foam pad under your finished mat to keep it from slipping.


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