Weekend project: Paint a floor canvas

Use a projector to capture classic decorative designs, then turn them into a floor mat that pops

E. Spencer Toy; James Carrier

Steps 4 & 5

4. Place the projector, with the photocopied pattern beneath it, on a flat surface approximately 8 feet from the canvas. Move the projector forward or back until the pattern on the canvas is the desired size.

We used an Artograph Tracer projector (available at crafts stores; $80) to transfer our designs onto canvas. The Tracer will enlarge images up to 14 times their actual size. The Tracer Jr. ($50) will enlarge an image up to 10 times the original. We needed the stronger projector to enlarge an image in one step to fit a 3- by 5-foot canvas.

5. Use a pencil to trace the pattern onto your canvas.


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