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How to monogram a handkerchief

Photography by Thomas J. Story How to monogram a handkerchief
Stamp your recipient's initials on linen napkins to create a handmade holiday gift

Skip the needle and thread and instead use stamps to make easy monogrammed handkerchiefs. Here's how:


  • Rubber alphabet stamp (we like the rubber stamp alphabet set from Crafts, Etc.)
  • Fabric stamp pad (crafter Arounna Khounnoraj recommends VersaCraft’s stamp pad in various colors; at Create for Less)
  • Linen handkerchief or napkin (available at Embroider This) plus scrap of similar fabric for testing
  • Iron


1. Press rubber stamp down firmly onto the fabric stamp pad for a few seconds to ensure ink covers the entire stamp.

2. Test stamp on a scrap of linen until you’re happy with the results.

3. Locate desired spot on napkin, and press rubber stamp firmly onto surface of the fabric.

4. Iron (without steam) for a few minutes on medium heat to set the stamp.