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I found it on Craigslist!

See how to makeover a dresser, redo a side table, refresh frames, paint candlesticks, and reupholster a chair

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  • To dress up the side table we used: Glidden Celestial paint (formula #99BG 62/159) by,  800/454-3336. American Art Clay Co. Brush ‘n Leaf ($6.95) in silver leaf by, 800/374-1600. Mirrors were custom-cut at a glass shop.

    side table after

    Photo by Rob D. Brodman

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  • I found it on Craigslist!

    To refinish the frames we used: Pratt & Lambert Accolade Velvet interior paint 2-oz. samples ($4 each) in Cozumel (#21-11), Canton Jade (#23-25), Azurean (#22-5), Storm (#19-25) and Shady Forest (#19-21), (or 800/289-7728). Black mats (with single- and double-cut windows) in various sizes are from a local frame shop.

I found it on Craigslist!

  • Frames before

     The frames before

 Use mirrors and paint

We started by sanding with a 220-grit sandpaper sponge and used a damp cloth to remove all residue. Then, so the dark wood wouldn't show through our light paint, we covered the table with one coat of spray paint primer. With a 1½-inch angled synthetic-bristle brush, we applied two coats of satin latex paint to the entire table (the bottom of the tabletop, too, to accommodate the reflection from the lower mirror). Once it was dry, we used liquid silver leaf to accent the feet and the grooves near the top of the legs. Finally, after measuring both surfaces, we had two pieces of-inch-thick mirrored glass custom-cut (and the corners of the lower piece sanded ⅛-inch to account for the tapered legs) at a glass store, and laid them in place. Tip: For easy cleanup of spills, don't glue down the mirrors.

• $45 Craigslist find

 Create a common palette

We began by deciding which digital photos we'd use for each frame, then we mapped out how we'd arrange them on a wall. (This dictated which paint color we'd use for each.) Next we removed the mats and glass, lightly sanded any sheen off the wood with 220-grit sandpaper, and removed the residue with a damp cloth. Using 2-ounce (sample-size) jars of paint in five colors, we painted the frames, sometimes layering colors.

Once the frames were dry, we took them to a framing shop and bought precut mats in a single color. Finally, we printed our photos in black-and-white, placed them in the frames, and mounted the frames on the wall.

• $10 Craigslist find

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