Fluorescent winner

Lighting for Tomorrow contest

The American Lighting Association, the Consortium for Energy Efficiency, and the U.S. Department of Energy recently sponsored a contest, Lighting for Tomorrow. Professional lighting designers were invited to develop light fixtures that use energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs. The overall winner was the Aliante Pendant from Ivalo Lighting (above). Available in 4- and 5-foot models, it uses a new fluorescent bulb, T5, that is only 5/8 inch wide. The pendant comes in anodized aluminum and six rich colors. At $1,500 to $2,400, it's not for everyone, but it gets top marks for innovation. For a local source, visit www.ivalolighting.com or call (215) 830-1408. Visit www.lightingfortomorrow.com to view the many other contest winners.

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