Advent tree craft project

Photo by Thomas J. Story
The calendar meets the holiday tree—and it’s not just for kids.

Ceramicist Paige Russell shares instructions for making your own modern advent calendar/Christmas tree hybrid.


1. Print templates 1–24 on white paper, cutting and folding where indicated.

2. Wrap each number around a small white envelope containing a trinket (a chocolate, say, or a small toy) and, using a hole punch, make a hole through the top of both.

3. Loop a piece of string through the hole, knot it, and attach an ornament hanger.

4. Hang envelopes on branches stuck into a planter filled with pebbles (here, bamboo branches are primed and spray-painted white). Hang tea lights on branches.


Every day starting December 1, remove and open that date’s envelope, replacing it with an ornament.

Advent tree project template

  • Check out Paige’s how-to videos here  
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