The Ultimate Outdoor Living Room

Check out the amazing features of the installation created for our 2012 Celebration Weekend

Dining area

Dining area

Our fantasy, as the weather gets warm? That we can just pick up our lives and move them outside. Which is exactly what our Ultimate Outdoor Living Room, unveiled at June 2012’s Celebration Weekend open house, in Menlo Park, California, is all about. Here, you could spend all day entertaining, lounging, reading, napping—even cooling off in the shower. But the design’s not just about indulgence. If you look closely, you’ll see space-saving touches (the tilt-up chaises rising from the deck), salvaged materials put to work (check out the bar’s countertop), and the efficient use of what is, after all, only 1,700 square feet of outdoor space.

Here, like 3-D wallpaper, mesh pockets filled with bromeliads, ferns, and purple heart hang in the dining area.


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