1 house, 5 great outdoor rooms

See how one couple doubled their living area with stylish "rooms" outside

Outdoor sundeck/"solarium"
Photo by Coral Van Zumwalt

At home in the outdoors

Can you double your living space without adding a single square foot to your house? Absolutely, as Yifat Oren and Jonathan Cutler’s Los Angeles garden shows.

Changes ​in levels and materials help carve five distinct “rooms”—each laid out in a neat geometric shape and accented with the same hot colors—from the couple’s unused back and front yards.

The result? About twice the house, and no costly house renovation.

Click ahead for the plan and a closer look at each outdoor bonus space.

Info: Judy Kameon, Michael Kirchmann Jr., and Ivette Soler, Elysian Landscapes, Los Angeles (213/380-3185) 


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