How to make a backyard tipi

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Attach tipi ties

Backyard tipi: Attach sides and ties

Use your main/exterior fabric for all of the following pieces.

Make the ties for the front flaps and base loops: Cut 18 pieces, each 10 inches by 2 inches; fold twice and stitch. Use 14 of these 10-inch ties on the front flaps of the tipi, evenly spacing and sewing 7 on each flap (see figure). Use 2 of these 10-inch ties as “tie backs,” sewing 1 on each front edge of the tipi (see figure). Reserve the remaining 2 of these 10-inch ties to use in the final step as base loops, to attach the base liner to 2 of the bamboo poles (explained in next figure).

Make the interior bamboo pole ties (including a 20-inch loop for the top of the tipi): Cut 16 pieces, 20 inches by 2 inches each; fold twice and stitch. You’ll use 15 of these 20-inch ties on the interior of the tipi.

Sew side seams together.

Using the 20-inch ties made above, position 3 of the 20-inch ties along each of the 5 interior seams (these will secure the tipi to the 5 bamboo poles): place 1 at bottom of tipi, 1 at 30 inches up, and 1 at 70 inches up; stitch each into place.

Sew the remaining 20-inch tie in the tipi’s top right corner. This will loop around all 5 bamboo poles to further secure the tipi.



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