How to make a backyard tipi

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tipi panels

Backyard tipi: Fabric cover

Make 2 panels for the front flaps of the tipi and 2 panels to stitch together as the back of the tipi: Start by measuring out 2 lengths of your main/exterior fabric, each 46½ inches by 93 inches. Place these 2 lengths of fabric on top of each other and cut as shown to make 4 pieces, each 42½ inches at base width, 4 inches at top width, and 93 inches in height.

Front and back panels: Hem tops 1/2 inch and turn again 1/2 inch. Hem bottoms 1/2 inch and turn again 1/2 inch.

Back panels only: Stitch center back seams together to make 1 solid back panel.


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