Pigeon Coop Becomes a Playhouse

Christina Schmidhoffer
Backyard before and after: See how one family turned a pigeon coop into a playhouse

Architects Geoffrey Holton and Matt Gilroy helped a young family convert a backyard greenhouse and aviary into a kids’ play structure.

“This building had been abandoned long ago, and it was falling to the ground,” says Holton.

But “the structure sits at the end of the lawn. It screens a view of the neighbors’ yards and balances the house. The family wanted a play area for the kids, so it made sense to save it.”

The architects opened up the building by adding a large window, a skylight, and a pair of French doors. Walls and the concrete floor were repaired and cleaned.

Christina Schmidhoffer

Now the children use it as play headquarters.

“It’s great because they can play in the backyard and run in and out of the building,” says the owner. “

Christina Schmidhoffer

We think it’s a building that will grow with us. Later on, we might make it a studio, office, or a guest house.”

DESIGN: Matthew Gilroy and Geoffrey Holton, Geoffrey Holton and Associates, Oakland (510/663-9797)

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