Boost your energy savings

13 home improvement ideas, from lightbulbs to insulation, to make your house work smarter

Joyanna Laughlin and Elizabeth Jardina


Ready to take it up a notch? Consider these options as well

1. Contact a professional to arrange a detailed energy audit
What it costs: $200-$325 ($0 if your utility company offers one)
Why do it: Pros can spot waste and suggest cost-effective changes

2. Install a whole-house fan to lighten load on air-conditioning systems
What it costs: $180-$230 (not including installation)
Why do it: Fans can reduce cooling costs by up to 5%

3. Add insulation to your attic
What it costs: 50 cents-$1 per sq. ft. (not including installation)
Why do it: Properly insulated homes use 30%-50% less energy

4. Replace your old refrigerator with an Energy Star-rated refrigerator
What it costs: $500-$7,300
Why do it: Today's refrigerators use half the energy of 1992 models

5. Install Energy Star-rated windows
What it costs: $150-$600 per standard window (not including installation)
Why do it: Energy Star windows save up to 15% on heating/cooling costs

6. Put in an Energy Star-rated tankless water heater
What it costs: $700-$1,200 (not including installation)
Why do it: Tankless water heaters can be 8%-34% more efficient

Add it all up: Total $4,600*
*Not including installation 

Above improvements, $300
Home energy audit, $300
Whole-house fan, $200*
Attic insulation, $900*
Refrigerator, $500
10 windows, $1,500*
Water heater, $900*

The benefit

Make these changes and you could save 30% or more - at least $1,000 for a family spending $3,000 annually.

Savings are based on a 40-year-old, 1,800-square-foot, one-story home in Sacramento.


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