Breezehouse: Week 8

2 weeks till showtime!


Breezehouse deck

We just need to finish the back deck then we can start bringing in the furniture. It’s a hot week for staging--temperatures are in the triple digits.

Breezehouse deck

We had to rent a van just to transport the Sunbrella cushions and pillows for the outdoor couch. It’s going to look fabulous!

Breezehouse solar panel

We’ve partnered with the California Solar Initiative-Thermal Program to provide a solar water heating system in the house.  This solar panel helps heat water in kitchen, baths, and laundry room.

July 23, 2012 | By Sarah Gaffney

We’re down to the final days of construction at the Sunset Breezehouse! The moving trucks are on their way to Healdsburg with all the furniture. We just need to finish the decks and a few interior details before move-in starts. The house opens August 3rd!

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