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How to refinish kitchen cabinets

Give your cabinets a makeover with new hardware and paint

Step 5: Replace hinges and pulls

The easiest thing to do is buy new hardware that’s the same size as the old. That way, it’s a simple switcharoo from old to new. Otherwise you’ll need to fill in the old holes and drill new ones.

What you'll need:  Tape measure, pencil, drawer pull jig (if needed), drill and bits to fit cabinet hardware, screwdriver, new pulls and hinges.

If you’re using existing holes, this won’t take more than an hour. Creating consistently spaced holes adds to the time and labor.

A jig is a template that ensures the holes you are drilling are consistent and evenly placed. Measure to find the center of the drawer face, and put the center of the jig on that mark. Then use a pencil to mark the spot(s) the jig indicates for your style of pull. It will have holes for pulls of various widths.


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