DIY wedding guide

Fun and budget-friendly ideas for DIY favors, invitations, flowers—and yes, cake, too

3 easy, fun wedding favors

Present bite-size cookies, tiny candies, and other simple treats in clever paper packaging

Wedding favors: Wrapped canisters
Photo by Christina Schmidhofer

DIY wedding favor No. 3: Wrapped canisters

1. Using craft knife, ruler, and cutting mat, cut 50 3¾- by 12- inch pieces of wrapping paper.

2. Wrap one piece around each can, securing it in place with a 3½-inch piece of double-stick tape.

We used pint-size paint cans, available from Packaging Specialties (206/762-0540 ext. 2) for $30 per 10-pack. Or use quart-size cans, available at Home Depot (about $1).

3. Fill can with candy, spiced or salted nuts, or a drink mix, such as ingredients for making hot chocolate.

4. Place lid on top of can; then, protecting lid with the dish towel, close can by gently tapping around rim with the hammer.


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