Earth-friendly kitchen counters

High style meets sustainable living: find an eco option for every kitchen

Squak Mountain Stone Installation

Squak Mountain Stone

An alternative to quarried stone, slabs are made of fly ash, post-industrial crushed glass, and low-carbon cement.

Cost $50/sq. ft.

Eco-friendliness 50% recycled content including paper; 1/3 less CO2 produced during manufacturing.

Info  Tiger Mountain Innovations, Woodinville, WA

Durapalm installation


Harvested from coconut palms, this wood is slightly stronger than oak.

Cost $23/sq. ft.

Eco-friendliness 100% derived from old, nonfruiting palms.

Info  Smith & Fong, San Francisco

Bottlestone Installation


Made of kiln-fired recycled glass and ceramic binders, it resists heat and stains. Can be custom-designed using wine bottles.

Cost $68/sq. ft.

Eco-friendliness 80% recycled content; no VOCs.

Info  BottleStone, Los Altos, CA

Fuez Installation


Made with recycled glass, fly ash, stone, and shells, it’s more durable than marble. 

Cost $80/sq. ft.

Eco-friendliness 60% to 80% recycled materials, including beer bottles; made using 100% wind-generated electricity.

Info  Fuez, Portland



This blend of bamboo, recycled paper, and wood fiber was originally used for skateboard ramps.

Cost $35/sq. ft.

Eco-friendliness 100% water-based resin, FSC-certified.

Info  Klip BioTechnologies, Puyallup, WA

Cool Titanium by Vetrazzo


Industrial sleek from your curbside recycling bin: Cool Titanium by  Vetrazzo (cement and recycled glass)

Windfall Lumber Countertops

Windfall Lumber

Organic geometry meets building salvage: Reclaimed end-grain Douglas Fir by  Windfall Lumber (reclaimed wood from deconstructed warehouses)

Endura countertops


Northwest vintage as a gorgeous patina: Reclaimed Wine Vat Oak by  Endura (reclaimed material from local wineries)

Teragren countertop


Natural beauty with a soft aesthetic: Strand bamboo end-grain countertop by  Teragren, shown in Natural (rapidly renewable material)

Seeta by TorZo countertops

Seeta by TorZo

A granite-like appearance for agriculture waste: Seeta by  TorZo, shown in Onyx (sunflower-seed hulls and acrylic polymer)

EcoTop countertop


Modern aesthetic with supreme sustainability: EcoTop, shown in Concrete (from the same innovator who brought us Paperstone; bamboo fiber, recycled paper, and wood fiber)

Squak Mountain countertop

Squak Mountain Stone

Hand-cast alternative to natural or quarried stone: Squak Mountain Stone, shown in Natural (recycled paper, recycled glass, fly ash, iron oxide pigments, and low-carbon cement)


Durapalm by Smith & Fong

Tropical texture meets the tabletop: Durapalm by  Smith & Fong (wood reclaimed from coconut palms past their fruit-bearing years)

Bottlestone countertop


Beer bottles become fine art: Bottlestone, shown in Mocha (recycled glass and ceramic binders)

Fuez countertop


A nature-made visual quality reminiscent of sea glass: Fuez, shown in Jade (recycled glass, fly ash, stone, shells and low-carbon cement)

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