Wallpaper the stairs (and ceiling)

Today's stylish designs look great in unexpected places. Get 4 off-the-wall ideas

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TRAY TABLEAn intricate pattern looks good in small areas

  • Off the wall

STAIRCASEUse a pattern that works sideways. You'll only need one strip per stair.

  • Off the wall


Big idea: Use paper with an intricate pattern for smaller areas.

Step 1 Measure the inside of a tray (we painted one that came with a stand; West Elm, westelm.com), including sides. Cut one piece of wallpaper to fit.

Step 2 Determine the height of the tray's lip; use this measurement to cut a small square from each corner of the wallpaper (when placed in the tray, the edges should meet at the corners).

Step 3 Apply wallpaper paste to the inside of the tray with a 2-in. sponge brush. Adhere wallpaper, starting at the top edge of one lip. Smooth from the middle outward. Remove excess paste with a damp sponge. Let dry.

Step 4 Cut out handles with craft knife. Spray with a protective glaze (we recommend Krylon Acrylic Crystal Clear).


Big idea: A staircase is usually wider than a wallpaper roll; choose a pattern that looks good sideways, so you only need one strip per stair.

Step 1 Measure each stair riser separately. Cut wallpaper exactly to fit.

Step 2 Follow steps 2 and 3 of the door panels project (above). Spray risers with a protective glaze (we recommend Krylon Acrylic Crystal Clear), taking care to keep it off the wood. 


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