Wallpaper the stairs (and ceiling)

Today's stylish designs look great in unexpected places. Get 4 off-the-wall ideas

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DOOR PANELSPick a repeating vertical design

  • Off the wall

CEILINGA non-linear pattern that looks good from any angle

  • Off the wall


Big idea: Choose a wallpaper with a repeating vertical design, and align the pattern from panel to panel.

STEP 1 Measure the door panels and cut wallpaper to fit.

STEP 2 Apply double-sided tape (we recommend Scotch double-sided permanent tape) around the perimeter of each door panel. (Alternatively, use a 2-in. sponge brush to apply wall-paper paste.)

STEP 3 Adhere wallpaper to each panel, starting at the top right corner and working across the top and down the sides, smoothing with your fingers as you go. If using paste, wipe off any excess with a damp sponge.


Big idea: Pick a nonlinear pattern that looks good horizontally and vertically. (This project usually requires two people and a ladder.)

Step 1 You'll need two pans, one for primer and one for wallpaper paste. Using a paint roller, apply primer to the ceiling. Let primer dry. Rinse the roller and let it dry.

Step 2 Cut a strip of wallpaper the length of the ceiling, adding a few inches on each end for wiggle room.

Step 3 Roll a thin, even layer of paste on an area of the ceiling about the size of the strip. Adhere the strip, starting at one end and working toward the other. Flatten bubbles or creases by working a wallpaper smoother outward from the middle to the edges.

Step 4 Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the ceiling is covered, carefully matching the pattern and wiping off excess paste with a damp sponge. Trim edges using a straightedge and craft knife.



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