Seasonal entryways

Dress your home with three regional looks

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Northwest harvest

Washington apples and prunings of bloodtwig dogwood ( Cornus sanguinea) brighten a wreath and garland of cedar and Douglas fir prunings.


1. Start with a wire wreath frame; use pieces of 22-gauge wire (each about 3 ft. long) to attach bunches of approximately 8-inch-long cedar and Douglas fir clippings around it, working counterclockwise as described for the citrus wreath.

2. Tuck 8- to 10-inch-long bunches of dogwood prunings securely into the greenery, spacing them evenly.

3. To attach apples, make a hole through a segment of each fruit with a skewer, then pass an 8-inch piece of wire through the hole with even lengths protruding on either side.

Position fruit against greenery, poke wire's two ends through branches and around frame, and twist together. The apples will last longer in cool, shaded areas; replace as necessary.


1. Start with two 11-foot lengths of clothesline. Use approximately 3-foot pieces of 22-gauge wire to tie on bunches of cedar and Douglas fir greenery and dogwood prunings. Finish with apples as described for the above wreath.

2. Tie the two garlands together by wrapping them with wire. Hang the garland as described for the California Citrus Garland. ― Steven R. Lorton and Jil Peters



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