Reading nook

Thomas J. Story
Orange is a bright, strong color that infuses a room with energy. But remember not to overdo it: A little splash goes a long way

• Use eye-catching hues judiciously. Too much of a bright color can be jarring; small clusters of orange set the scene without overkill.

• Bring in accents from nature. A tray of oranges serves as a decorative element in the room. In the window, a vase of protea echoes the color subtly.

• Let unexpected objects add to the decorating scheme. The owner of this home has several books with orange spines, which are grouped together to make an impact.



Pillows: In solid orange, from Crate and Barrel ( or 800/996-9960); with pattern, available from Zinc Details ( or 415/776-2100)

Sara Paloma ceramic vessels: ( or 510/658-2592)

Carafe, glass, stool, and teapot: Available from Zinc Details (see above)

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