Make it your own at Celebration Weekend 2011

This year's Make it Your Own theme is brought to life through active displays from modern cargotecture ® design and hands-on gardening to chicken coops and beekeeping

6 new-wave artisans of the West's online marketplace has paved the way for handmade craftsmanship to thrive in an increasingly high-tech world. Welcome to arts and crafts 2.0

Clare Elsaesser, Tastes Orangey

Clare Elsaesser, Tastes Orangey How did you learn your craft?

Clare Elsaesser: I was lucky enough to go to a public arts high school, where I was able to get a head start on painting, which made pursuing a career in the arts much easier. I think Etsy is a really amazing place for those just starting out, as it allows you an incredible amount of exposure and feedback, which is so helpful in developing your art or craft.

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