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Foraged wreath
Photo by Thomas J. Story; written by Miranda Jones


We first met this rising star when he was working at Flora Grubb Gardens in San Francisco; since then, Hank Jenkins has evolved into a “plant architect” (his words) , designing outdoor spaces in the Bay Area through his firm, Lushland. To get this wreath project kickstarted, he simply took a walk. “What’s here is what grabbed my attention in my own garden and on hikes.” Despite the fresh take on materials, he keeps the color palette traditional with green eucalyptus pods and red pincushions (leucospermum). lushlanddesign.com

Materials: Eucalyptus pods and leaves, lotus pods, leucospermum, floral foam, floral pins.

Tip: To prolong the freshness of a live wreath, keep the foam moist.


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