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28 beautiful Christmas wreath ideas

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Beachy wreath
Photo by Thomas J. Story; written by Miranda Jones


The creations that Heather Pando makes for her L.A. design studio , Little World Design, use botanicals in a whimsical fashion—a style translated to this wreath. One of Heather’s favorite sights is springtime magnolia blossoms framed against the sky. “The effect is very dreamlike, and I wanted to re-create that for the holidays,” she says. With her team—including Manuel Acosta, who put together this piece—she fashioned “blossoms” out of scallop shells and glued them to a manzanita frame that resembles driftwood. littleworlddesign.com

Materials: Manzanita branches, scallop shells, pink rock quartz, sea fans (gorgonian), hot glue.

Tip: Create a traditional embellishment (flowers) from untraditional materials (shells and rocks).


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