Happy chic

Parker Palm Springs

When designing the Parker Palm Springs, Jonathan Adler had one guiding principle: What would Mrs. Parker do? "We came up with a fictional character, Mrs. Parker. I see her as an Auntie Mame-type, a world traveler who can put things together with panache," says Adler. The hotel's library/lounge is full of ideas for would-be Mrs. Parkers who love comfort, whimsy, and style.

Design: Jonathan Adler, New York ( www.jonathanadler.com or 877/287-1910)

Info: Parker Palm Springs (144 rooms from $305; www.theparkerpalmsprings.com or 760/770-5000)

Take the look home

Create an alluring mix of textures

To set an inviting mood, Jonathan Adler uses materials with organic appeal, such as wool, cotton, and wood. "This lounge area is about earthy textures and shapes," Adler says. "A rich mix and eclectic, nonmatching furniture makes the space feel informal and comfortable. The effect is rich but approachable."

Lift the spirits through design

Adler believes in filling your surroundings with all things fun and joyful, including playful colors, cozy fabrics and sheepskin throws, and whimsical patterns and knickknacks. "A lot of hotels are intimidating in their design," he says. "If you put happy things in a room, you will be happy."

Pair colors with confidence

You can be bold with colors, Adler says, as long as they have the same intensity - like the vibrant red and yellow pillows seen here. "Strong, clear colors against an earthy palette make a space feel uplifting and give it an exciting vibe," he says.


Floor lamp: Trousdale lamp from Jonathan Adler (available in blue or white; $1,195, including shade; www.jonathanadler.com or 877/287-1910)

Floor pillows: Loop pillows from Jonathan Adler ($125 each; see above)

Furniture and accessories: Vintage items from Bon Vivant ( www.gmcb.com/shop or 760/323-9878)

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