Decorate with sea glass style

Create a palette for your home with the cool color of these beach souvenirs

Blue and green kitchen

Photo by Richard Leo Johnson

Color guide: Decorating with blues and greens

A beach-glass color palette

Washing up on shores all along the West Coast, surf-tumbled shards of glass have long provided found treasure for beachcombers―a rare example of nature turning trash into something beautiful.

Although it’s becoming more common to leave sea glass on the beach for all to enjoy, you can still use its vibrant hues to map out an entire room’s decor.

No matter where you live, the colors will be an immediate and constant reminder of where you discovered them.

Click ahead for 5 ways to enjoy the color of sea glass at home.

Blue and green paint colors

Water colors 

Q: I like the idea of sea glass color, but I’m not sure I’m ready to commit. How can I test the waters?

A: Dip into a single shade with paint––such as one of these––and accessories, which are easy to change.

Left to right: Spring Light #1092-D ($22 per gallon; for stores); Pleasant View #7457 ($24 per gallon;; Baywater #SR1210 ($28 per gallon;

Glass tiles in shades of blue

Photography by Jeffery Cross

Make waves

Q: What about something really bold and energetic for my kitchen?

A: Create a focal wall with shimmering tile, as above, in intense sea glass hues, such as turquoise and cobalt blue.

At left: Le Onde (shiny) and Satinato (matte) glass tiles (from $79 per square foot;

Blue and green living room

Photo by Alec Hemer; styling by John Costello

Go with the flow

Q: I don’t want to repaint or install new tile––what else can I do for color?

A: For a less labor-intensive change of palette, try mixing and matching living room or family room upholstery in sea glass hues.

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Green pendant lamp

Photography by Jeffery Cross

Hang ten...

...Or perhaps hang just one pendant lamp in an eye-catching seaweed green hue.

Left:  Astron aluminum pendant lamp in Aurora Green (8 by 33 inches, $115;

Blue and green recycled glass plates

Photography by Jeffery Cross

Sea service

No need to go overboard; instead, create a small splash with colorful plates made from recycled glass.

At left:  Oceana triangle plates (7-inch diameter, $119 for four;

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