Small-space style

Make every inch of a small home count with these inventive design ideas, creative organization tips, and decorating strategies

16 smart strategies for small-home décor

In a small space, being creative with color, materials, and layout yields big payoffs—and savings

Create multi-purpose areas
Photo by Thomas J. Story; written by Jess Chamberlain

Create multi-purpose areas

With no proper dining room, the breakfast nook functions as such—and doubles as an art table for the Steens’ two daughters. Thankfully, the vinyl cushions are specially treated to resist ink “and basically everything known to man,” says Leah. The benches provide storage space under their hinged lids. Bold wallpaper (Chinatown Toile by Flavor Paper; $150/15-ft.roll; accents a single wall. “In a small house, sometimes touches have to be small, like with patterned wallpaper and fabric,” Leah says.


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