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Counter measures

Low-maintenance kitchen and bath countertops are great alternatives to stone

  • Solid Surfaces

    Quartz-based products

  • Quartz-based products

    Solid Surfaces


Made of crushed quartz crystals, polymers, and pigments.

Characteristics: The fact that this countertop uses quartz crystals makes it look and feel very similar to some granite, although it doesn't have the dramatic patterns found in granite. Quartz-based countertops don't require special maintenance such as sealing. The surface is very hard to scratch or burn. Only a few quartz countertops come in an unpolished finish; most are shiny. They are available in many patterns and colors.

What's new: A broader array of colors in natural tones.

Cost: $60-$150 per square foot.

Products: Caesarstone, or (800) 666-8201; Silestone, or (800) 291-1311; Zodiaq, or (877) 229-3935.


 Made of polymers, acrylics, and resins.

Characteristics: These surfaces are stain resistant and impervious to damage from acidic foods; they're not as cold or as hard as natural stone. Scratches buff out.

What's new: Finer grains and bolder textures and patterns make them look more like natural stone.

Cost: $45-$90 per square foot.

Products: Avonite, or (800) 428-6648; Corian, or (800) 426-7426; Earthstone, or (800) 433-3222; Formica Solid Surfacing, or (800) 367-6422.


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