Diary of a kitchen makeover

See how two homeowners turned a dark, cramped space into a party-friendly gem

kitchen diary corner sink before
Thomas J. Story

Before: Out with the old

We covered and protected the floors in the dining area with thin foam and sheets of plywood, and then hired help to tear out the cabinets, plaster wallboard, kitchen flooring, and black ― yes, black ― wallpaper.

We moved the old refrigerator to the garage, which became our temporary kitchen. 

We now had a better sense of the new space. We laid out a plan on the floor with blue masking tape, using rough measurements for placement of appliances.

We cooked in a microwave and used a camp stove or our gas barbecue. We bought lots of paper plates and washed pots and pans in the utility sink as spiders watched. We began to eat out frequently.


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