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Waves of inspiration

Thomas J. Story Tidal surges seem to have swept through this remodel, leaving elegant patterns in their wake. "Wet" concrete laps against "sandy" concrete tile in the floor.
This home celebrates the meeting of sea and sand

The ground-floor living area has an open plan. Meandering lines define specific spaces, from the curving blue-green plaster-covered wall that shapes the entry hall to the wavy line in the concrete and hardwood floor that draws the eye into the kitchen and family room.

The kitchen expands on the sea-inspired theme: cabinets are a light and airy blend of maple and rippled glass. The island's butcher-block top is divided into two sections by an undulating strip of stainless steel.

One side is left untreated as a work surface; the other is covered with a lacquer finish (the kind used for automobiles) to serve as a snack bar.

Undulating details repeat in the lighting and in the curtain rail.

DESIGN: L. Kershner Design