Vashon Island, Washington

David Pfeiffer
Home for all seasons
Merit Award:

Landscape architect David Pfeiffer and his partner wanted the best of both worlds - "to enjoy a rural environment and still be close to Seattle," says Pfeiffer.

Why it won: Architects Robert Hull and Teresa Russell designed this modern farmhouse around a long, central trellis. "We were looking for an element that held together the architecture and site, and the trellis did exactly that," Hull says. Extending through the home and reaching deep into the surrounding gardens, it anchors the main house, guest room, and detached garage/studio to the lushly planted landscape. The house faces southwest for maximum exposure to the sun and features parallel indoor-outdoor dining and living rooms.

Design: The Miller/Hull Partnership, Seattle (206/682-6837); Garden Architecture, Vashon (206/463-5400)

Western Home Awards 2006

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