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The queen of prints
Written by Elizabeth Jenkins

The queen of prints

Imagine the world before Trina Turk. More monotone, less glamorous, not as much fun. Okay, maybe that’s a bit hyperbolic, but this designer has done more to showcase the power of prints than just about anyone. With a Palm Springs collection for Banana Republic earlier this year and her home line, she’s bringing happy colors and a carefree West Coast style to the mainstream. trinaturk.com

How do you define Palm Springs style? It’s optimistic, which to me means color. Palm Springs has an enduring appeal because of its association with leisure time—cocktail hour by a pool outside a striking architectural house. Who doesn’t want a piece of that in their closet?

Why did you add interiors to your portfolio? Five years ago, we started making pillows out of our fabrics for photo shoots. Afterward, we’d put them in the store, and they’d sell quickly, so we thought, Hmmm.

What was it like to create a capsule collection for Banana Republic? They approached us about doing a collection inspired by Palm Springs. We went back through 17 years of prints, pulling ones that were iconic or had been fantastic in multiple categories, and ended up with five, including one we called the crazy botanical print. The store ended up using that fabric for its displays.

Why do you think people are so interested in design today? The Internet, for one. And retailers like Ikea and Target have brought design to the mass market. People are treating their lives, bodies, and homes like a curated exhibit. You can tell a lot about who a person is by the environment they live in.


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