27 inventive room design ideas

In a small walkable community on the Washington coast, we designed two houses (and one big yard) for a new kind of beach living

Our 2013 Idea Town
Thomas J. Story

Our 2013 Idea Town

No matter where you go in Seabrook, the sound of the waves follows you. That’s by design. The Grays Harbor community is built so every home is no more than a five-minute walk to a firepit, a bocce court, or the beach. Sound idyllic? We thought so too and chose Seabrook as the setting for this year’s Sunset Idea House—make that Idea Houses (we couldn’t help but build two). Designed by architect Peter Brachvogel as a multigenerational retreat, the houses have views of the ocean and a shared backyard. Inside, Seattle designer Brian Paquette created breezy but bold rooms that redefine beach house style. Pore over these photos for ways to make your home—no matter where—feel like a getaway.


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