Top 15 iconic Western homes

We dug into our archives to find inspiration for the 5 designers who created the Reimagined Home for Celebration Weekend 2013. Hidden in the pages were more iconic homes or moments in Western design we had to share

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Reimagined kitchen's lounge
Thomas J. Story

Reimagined kitchen's lounge

Bold needs bright. About that strong wall color: “Is it for everybody? No. Does it require lots of natural light? Yes,” Paquette says. He balanced it with white countertops, cabinets, and shelves. The clean lines of the cabinetry also quiet the color, a trick inspired by the kitchens in midcentury issues of Sunset.

Create an eat-in lounge. “You wouldn’t necessarily have a giant sofa in the kitchen, but the double-width banquette still gives people a place to relax,” Paquette says. Plus, the softness of the fabric is a counterpoint to the hardness of the other materials in the room.


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