Top 15 iconic Western homes

We dug into our archives to find inspiration for the 5 designers who created the Reimagined Home for Celebration Weekend 2013. Hidden in the pages were more iconic homes or moments in Western design we had to share

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Reimagined home office
Thomas J. Story

Reimagined home office

A room dedicated to working at home wasn’t big back in 1978, but Hiemstra knew a no-tech space would need a wired counterpart.

“Lift” the ceiling. A little paint—just the bottom half of the wall—results in a lot of pleasing trickery. “It gives the perception of higher ceilings since there’s more white wall space,” says Hiemstra. It’s also a great technique if you don’t want to commit to one color completely.

Shine a spotlight. In rooms lacking interesting architecture, a showy overhead light fixture fills the style gap.

Work your corners. Heimstra placed the desk and chair at an angle in the corner for better flow through the narrow space. In place of a traditional desk set, she kept the workspace sophisticated by mixing a wood and brass table with a white upholstered chair.


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