Editorial/Copy Intern

• Conduct research (via phone interviews, Web searches, and books) to gather information for stories

• Fact-check story information with sources

• Verify factual statements in Sunset articles, using written references, the telephone, and the Internet


• Competent writer

• Strong communication and organizational skills

• Thorough, tireless researcher with a passion for accuracy

• Detail oriented

• Familiarity with the West with interest and/or experience in Sunset subjects - travel, garden, home, and food


DAYS PER WEEK: 2-5 (at least 12 hours total per week)

HOURS: Flexible

Student must be able to receive credit

After the internship, the student will have an understanding of the daily workings of the editorial department of a monthly magazine plus an appreciation for high journalistic standards in reporting, writing, and magazine design.

Please do not post this job listing on other websites.

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