Sunset's One-Block Feast

Discover how we learned to eat almost entirely from the land around us ― and how you can, too

Here's what we planted

When you grow your own food, you can try varieties that are hard to find in a grocery store or even a farmers’ market. Here's what we planted, and what we learned

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Tasty, vigorous, productive fruits and vegetables

Barley (‘Lacey’) A malting type developed for brewing

Chiles Thick-fleshed, mild poblano; spicy serrano

Corn (‘Honey Select’) Great corn flavor; tender kernels

Cucumber (‘Diva’) Sweet, crunchy; very productive; disease-resistant

Edamame (‘Sayamusume’ soybeans) High yields and nutty flavor

Garlic (‘Spanish Roja’) Hardneck type, with large, easy-to-peel cloves; turns buttery soft when cooked

Herbs Clean-tasting ‘Genovese’ basil; pine-scented ‘Tuscan Blue’ rosemary; tiny-leaved common thyme; spicy chives; intensely aromatic peppermint; heady Italian oregano; and anisey, pungent sweet marjoram

Hops Citrusy, floral ‘Cascade’; nicely bitter ‘Centennial’; spicy, herbal ‘Nugget’

Lemon (‘Eureka’) Large, juicy; trees are easy to find Lemongrass Aromatic and citrusy; makes good herbal “tea”

Melons Luscious, creamy, fragrant ‘Sharlyn’, like a honeydew-cantaloupe cross; small, crisp, almost seedless ‘Sugar Baby’ watermelon; honeyed ‘Ambrosia’ cantaloupe

Onion White Spanish onions are large, spherical, and don’t turn sweet when cooked

Pattypan squash Disk-shaped, scalloped-edged ‘Benning’s Green Tint’ (lime green) and ‘Sunburst’ (brilliant yellow); tender skins and few seeds; small, pretty, and ideal for stuffing

Potato (‘Yukon Gold’) The best all-purpose potato, with buttery, sweet flesh

Tomatoes Prolific, super-sweet, deep yellow cherry tomato ‘Sun Gold’ and red cherry ‘Sweet 1000’; dependable, rich-tasting, red ‘Early Girl’; lemony, jade-striped ‘Green Zebra’; tender, yellow-and-red ‘Marvel Stripe’; thin-skinned, magenta-purple ‘Brandywine’

Wheat (Organic soft white) High in carbohydrates, which convert to sugars and then alcohol in beer

Zucchini (‘Trombetta di Albenga’) Climbing vine with big, fan-shaped leaves and pale green zucchini often curved like trombones; sweet, mild, and stays crunchy when cooked

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