Turn a lawn into a bed

Nature does most of the work over winter

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  • 1. With a hose, outline the perimeter of the new garden bed on the lawn. Then, with a sharp spade, dig a 2-inch-deep, V-shaped groove around the outlined area.

    Turn a lawn into a bed

    Janet Loughrey

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  • Turn a lawn into a bed

    2. Cover the outlined area with four to six layers of newspaper tucking the edges into the groove in the sod.

  • Turn a lawn into a bed

    3.Spread a 6-inch layer of manure over the newspaper.After the grass beneath has decomposed (in two to four months) plant through the manure.

TIME: About 2 hours for a 10- by 20-foot bed

COST: About $50 for 4 yards of cow or steer manure (horse manure contains too many weed seeds)


50- to 100-foot hose
Garden spade



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