These tasty crops thrive in pots

10 great veggies to grow on a sunny corner of your deck or patio

Jim McCausland

Peppers. For large, sweet peppers, try 'Giant Marconi'; for hot peppers, grow 'Habanero', 'Super Cayenne', and 'Thai Dragon'.

Root crops. Plant 'Chantenay #1' or 'Sweetness II' carrots, any kind of radish, and almost any potato (red ones like 'Buffalo' and 'Red La Soda' are especially good).

Tomatoes. Among slicing types, choose determinate varieties like 'Bush Celebrity', 'Pik Red', and 'Solar Set'; for cherry tomatoes, go with 'Sun Gold', 'Sweet Million', and 'Yellow Pear'. 

Zucchini. Try one of the bush types such as 'Eight Ball', 'Raven', 'Ronde de Nice', or 'Spacemiser'.

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