Surprising garden art

Concrete botanical structures look great in this garden

Artists George Little and Davd Lewis of Bainbridge Island, Washington, create botanical sculptures that draw surprised smiles from onlookers.

Two of their pieces decorate a border in Ed and Harriet Vincent's garden on Bainbridge Island. The 22-inch-diameter pomegranate is downright Brobdingnagian, while the 60-inch-wide Gunnera leaf is life-size. Both are made of color-washed concrete and are weatherproof. The leaf has become something of a trademark piece for Little and Lewis, though other artisans now make similar pieces.

In addition to the pomegranate and Gunnera leaf, which start around $1,000 per piece, Little and Lewis make garden benches, mirrors, and painted fragments that look like sections of excavated Pompeiian walls. For information call (206) 842-8327 or visit

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