Solutions: Vertical gardens

How to decorate and disguise backyard walls

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  • Solutions: Vertical gardens

    Decorated with a medallion and concrete corbels 

More ideas for walls

Group architectural objects, such as the cast-resin medallion and the concrete corbels with hurricane lamps in the garden of San Diego interior designer Jim Walters.

Mount a lath panel on the wall and hang old garden tools from it; for added interest, paint the tool handles bright colors.

Hang decorative tiles or a stylized sun sculpture.

Paint or stencil a vine, such as ivy or morning glory.

Hire an artist to paint a trompe l'oeil.

Mount a recirculating fountain, provided the wall can support the weight and there's an electrical outlet nearby.

Fill half-baskets with tropical plants or succulents and hang them up.

Plant an espaliered pomegranate or other fruit tree against a bare wall and train the branches into living sculpture.

Place a pedestal in front of the wall and set an ornamental urn or a potted bonsai on top.


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